Friday, September 20, 2013

Wisconsin: Ottoman Refashion

We forgot to take a "before picture" - just imagine cheap zebra fabric with bubblegum pink buttons and trim ALL the way around...

It did have decent legs, they didn't match the zebra-ness at all.

We used an old potato sack we found in that buffet we started on HERE
If you use a potato sack I would highly suggest washing it first. Possibly a couple times before use.

It orignally had 5 pink buttons but only had 3 still attached when we received it. We filled in the cracks and dips with pillow stuffing.

Our Dad's "heavy duty" stapler...

Since it was an old potato sack, it had a lot of holes, tears and extra thin areas. We used a cotton print underneath because we didn't have time to come up with a patching system.

Lots of staples... And not a very pretty stapling job. (Our stapler was giving us problems)

One of the aforementioned holes...

Pretty much finished product - we may add some things eventually but this is it for now.


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