Monday, September 23, 2013

The Sewing Basket

I was at my Grandparents the other day and found a sewing basket in the back room. Which of course ended in a photoshoot.

Great natural lighting, vintage sewing stuff, wooden floors! What more could you ask for...well maybe not the background of the back room (boxes and food) but you have to work with what you have :)

Just a little peek...

This is a needle threader...I really don't have the slightest idea how to use it.

While going through the basket there was one thing I noticed...How much the price of thread went up! Some said just 29 cents!
It would never be that cheap these days, even if it was Black Friday or a super, super, super, super (I think you get my point) sale!

A ball of thread...very...very tangled...

Love wooden spools!

Here is something interesting: the two bottom spools are wooden, six of the other ones are styrofoam the only plastic one is the red thread (top left). I had no idea that at one point Styrofoam was used for spools of thread.

Organized the basket a little bit after the "shoot" was through. I didn't feel the need to throw away the ball of thread...who knows it might come in handy for a rainy day!

-'- Jewel

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