Friday, August 30, 2013

Helps in making Drop Cookies

Grandma Recipe Box: Drop Cookies Hints
This is a follow up on our recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies, as we said before chocolate chip cookies are a "drop cookie" because you drop the cookie onto the pan. Here is a few helps Betty Crocker gives for any drop cookie recipe!
"Oooops! Watch that spread!
To prevent drop cookies from spreading, chill dough, peak it up and be sure the oven temperature is correct."

"Helps in making Drop Cookies: Push dough onto baking sheet, being careful to peak it up. Most cooky recipes have enough shortening so that an ungreased sheet is used. However, if called for, grease sheet very lightly.
Test for doneness: The surface will be delicately browned and the imprint of a finger will show slightly when this kind of cooky is given the finger test."
I tried each of these on the chocolate chip cookies for the post...they work! I will never ever make another batch without using them. (For the chilling I put the batter in the freezer while the oven heated.)
-'- Jewel

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