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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We love shopping. End of story.

I have a bit of a yellow obsession right now so not surprisingly...
I snatched up three yellow potholders for $2.00
Three vintage Pyrex bowls...
The largest one ($4.99) being completely yellow! *happiness*
The medium sized bowl with brown accents (well, everything can't be yellow) was $3.99.
And the smallest bowl with yellow-orange (orallo? yellange?) designs was just $2.99!
Since the Tupperware set I bought a few years ago is a gorgeous cherry-red, I've decided a yellow and red kitchen with sky blue walls/accents is the way to go. Hence, the vintage biscuit cutter with a red handle. (Being $0.99 helped it's case too.)
And finally! A seemingly ordinary $9.00 lunchbox. Not so. This lunchbox (minus the thermos it came with originally) is identical to the one our Dad has loyally brought to work nearly every day for over 25 years. (This father of our's has only recently stopped bringing *only* peanut-butter-and-grape-jelly sandwiches. He has graduated to things like "peanut butter and honey" or "ham, cheese, spicy mustard and spinach". *sigh* They grow up so fast.)
I love the idea of modern/retro house decor and ideally, my "cooking space" will be white, red and mint/seafoam.
In the middle of an antique store, Kimmie jerks me to another aisle, puts this milk bottle in my hand insisting it's "so me!" She knows me well... I couldn't put it back. I rationalized that it goes perfectly with what I want in my kitchen!
I love the idea of having some open shelving in my kitchen and could totally see this sitting smack dab in the middle of one. Maybe right next to a glass butter churn...
My other buy was a "Betty Crocker Cookbook". Not just any BCC; THE Betty Crocker Cookbook.
Let me explain.

Our Mom (in high school) got a special anniversary Betty Crocker Cookbook (1979ish?) and we have loved the recipes in it For. Ev. Er.
Many years later our oldest sister (Samantha) found one in a Goodwill, Kimberly found one in an antique store and now I have also. We just have to find two more for our other two sisters!
The way you know if it's the same version of Mom's cookbook is Page 47. There is a recipe for "Sweet Muffins" muffins ever.
I also bought a Betty Crocker Outdoor Cookbook for my sister's Tiffany birthday. She doesn't cook much but she loves grilling so hey! 

Our little sis TaMera came along with us and found this adorable little cast iron stove miniature. I can see many dinners being made for us in the future... ;)


Two more books for our library of vintage books!
"Runaway Alice" was a sweet story and the book itself was $1.00. "The Secret Cave" we owned already but after 20+ years of being read and loved by us, it was in less-than-stellar condition. Not to mention several pages were missing. $1.25!
"The Secret Cave" is one of my favorites!
*None of these items are for sale*

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