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Monday, July 01, 2013

3 "Big" jobs we did in Texas at our sister's!

1. - Brick By Brick

At our oldest sister's house there was a LOT of bricks laying around left over from building the house (though it was built in the 90s) we decided to put those to good use! ...and get them out of the way. :)

We started clearing the area where we wanted the bricks to be...

Laid the fabric down, laid some bricks and dug in little increments because we had a limited number of bricks...

We thought it was going to be really disappointing because we ran out of bricks. Then we found a pile of brand-new bricks in a corner of the garage!

Didn't turn out so bad after all...

2. - Rockin' Out

With the dirt we dug out to level the brick walk, we built up dirt to the house to create a bit of drainage for water. Laid down more fabric and put down rocks.

Ta da!

Above: How we connected the rocks to the brick "path"

3. - Cedar Catastrophe

We took out two dead cedar trees, some oddly placed over-grown bushes [trees?] and trimmed all the others. It looks a little bare after but with some grass seed, maybe a hammock, one of those reflective garden spheres? It'll fit right in their suburban Austin neighborhood!



That is some of what we did while visiting our sister! I still can't believe we did it all in 4, ninety-seven degree days! Now we did do a few little 'odd' jobs...but who really wants to hear about fixing the washer, raking the yard and hanging laundry room doors straight?? ;)
Till next time, peeps!


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