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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Burning up for you...Jumpsuit?? {Vintage McCall’s 2185}

I did it. I MADE a jumpsuit!! Meeting another goal for my 2017 Make Nine!

I was originally going to tell you exactly how this came to be because the plan got changed a lot and not because of my indecisiveness either... As I was writing it out I realized it was going to be way to much to read. 
You’ll just have to take my word for it...or watch my jumpsuit video coming soon to the Jewberly Emiris YouTube channel! Subscribe HERE so you don’t miss it!

This pattern choice was the last straw... (I had only three patterns to chose from) It’s vintage 1970 McCall’s 2185.
I found it at Gem’s and Junk in Beatrice (Nebraska) for $1!
They tend to have a good amount of patterns to look through when I stop in...unfortunately I think the worker has caught on that all I buy there is patterns because now they price some of them at $3.50 which still isn’t bad especially if you find a “gem”. ;) Although, It does feels strange knowing you personally influenced a price increase though! lol
To the pattern itself...I ended up adding some length under the waist (for my long torso) increasing the hip width, raising the neckline by an inch and working the waist a bit. I say “working the waist” because I started slightly grading (adding) there for the hips but ended up having to take most of that out for a better fit.

The fabric was not from my stash. I actually thrifted it...on Wednesday! 
We’re visiting Edwin & Samantha in Texas and I always love making an effort to stop at Saver’s! They tend to have a good selection of fabric and this trip was no exception...actually it was so good I had to be extremely picky to stay in my budget!
I’ll be sharing my entire haul soon but for now we’ll just chat about this fabric.
My guess is a silk-like-polyester of a deep blue base. So deep blue it’s hard to even notice my black stitching!
This fabric actually worked spectacularly well because it is a patterned print but doesn’t need to be patterned matched! Pattern matching the front and back would had added hours of work to the cutting and sewing of the jumpsuit!
I didn’t measure the fabric but I was able to get the jumpsuit and still have some left.

With the fabric at $6.99 and the zipper at $2.97 the jumpsuit came out to be decently priced at $9.97.

By this time you may be wondering what the title has to do with this jumpsuit... I was hoping you wouldn’t notice’s sad. 
I had just pressed the crotch seam with the iron on the lowest setting barely above the minimum off position and I was starting on the side seam when I smelled this burning smell!
The iron had blitzed and melted my seam!!!!!!!!!
What a way to damper the project! Due to the location of the burn and the wideness of the leg I was able just to pull fabric over and topstitch the patch/side seam the rest of the way down.
Whew! That was almost a disaster!

Even with all the planning that didn’t work out...the worst part of this project was burning a hole into it! At least it all worked out in the end...

  • PATTERN: Vintage McCall's 2185

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