Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"That's a really ugly shirt, Jewel."

When I first walked into work and heard those took me a second before I caught the jab. See the co-worker who said from Kansas. So of course this shirt would be "ugly" in his mind! (K-State's Wildcats are a rival of Nebraska University's Cornhuskers. I'm not a big sports person so I don't care either way.) I just shrugged my shoulders and said "Somebody has to wear the ugly shirts." Not my best comeback but it also could have been worse. ;)

This outfit gives me a athletic vibe...most likely it's the athletic pants and tennis shoes...
It's an Esme tunic made out of leftover fabric from a skirt Kimberly made to wear to Husker parties. The tunic is slightly longer in the back then the front giving it a nice high low hem. It was made for workwear as my work uniform is hair pulled back, sleeves, covered shoes, and no-tears-shed when grease or bleach gets spilled on the garments. Obviously, I don't wear a lot of my hand-mades to work because of the grease aspect of the job. Even though we wear aprons and all my best efforts...stains still happen!

Just doing some crunches. :P Kidding!

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