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Thursday, October 13, 2016

12 inches and 6 1/2 hours later! NEW HAIR!!

I honestly don't remember the last time I was as excited about anything as I am about my hair change. 
Of course when you haven't changed your hair since 2014 (the first time ever!) AND you've never changed the way your hair frames your face, there's a lot of questions and doubts. 

"What if I don't like it?" 

"What if I LOVE it?" 

"What if everyone who knows me hates it?"

But I finally decided on a few things:

- It's my hair and I was ready for a change. 
- People already tell me my career choice is wrong, or how I'm preparing for it, and I will just expect a similar response to my hair! ☺️
- If I hate it, I'll just never do it again and know that's it's something I don't like. Or if I love it, which I do, it's another hairstyle that I know I like!

I've also decided some things come down to experience...

You won't know what it's like until you try and staying in your comfort zone, staying with what's easy might be the worst mistake of your life! 
You may not know what you've been missing because you're staying with what's always been! Life is short!! So change your hair and LIVE YOUR life!

-'- Jewel

What a difference!!

Due to my massive amounts of hair I made two appointments for Thursday and Friday at the College of Hair Design in Lincoln. Appointment #1 took 5 hours and included the rough cutting, highlights at the end and style. (The style was for my girl's portfolio! It was quite the before and after!)

I will be donating my cut hair but I haven't decided on the charity/organization yet. //// Caty and I after appointment #2!...which only took an hour for the straightening out, tiny bit of layering, thinning the ends (so it didn't look so chunky) and bang transition.

I never dreamed that Caty and I would ever have the same length of hair! //// I think the no bangs will take me longer to get used too then the short length! lol

Photo credit: TaMera, Kimberly and yours truly. ;)


  1. Hello,
    Love your hair! And your Levis? What type of Levis are they if I may ask? Cuz they look great on you! Are you short waisted and maybe short in height by chance? I am both. Sew I'm hoping your Levis will fit and look good on me. Of course, I'm totally assuming things...Thanks, Harriet

    1. Thanks, Harriet!

      I'm 5' 5" and my jeans are 311 Shaping Skinnies. (I also have a pair of straight legs.) I can't recall exactly but I believe these are the "regular" length.
      Hope this helps! They really are fantastic jeans! :D

      -'- Jewel

  2. And good for you on the hair donations!


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