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Friday, July 01, 2016

June Stashbusting Overview

To celebrate the half-year gone by I grabbed an old photo from back in the beginning of my blogging days and the series Wildflower Wednesday. Where every Wednesday, I shared photos of different wildflowers that grow around our area. (You can see them HERE)

June I didn't BUY any fabric but my cousin did gift me some!
Which I haven't measured, but find it kind of interesting because I got fabric from my Grandmother last year around this time and it also grew my stash. 
Thankfully, we in the stashbusting group can choose to not count gifted fabric as "stash adding" and I'm doing that yet again! ;) 

But how much was sewn??

I sewed a lot more projects then I've shared on the blog. 
(Due to a crazy and out of the ordinary schedule I am quite behind!)

3 yards       - Pajama Pants for TaMera (Not yet blogged)
3 1/2 yards - Marigold Dress for TaMera (Not yet blogged)
2 2/3 yards - Kiomi Dress for Kimberly (Not yet blogged)
2 1/4 yards - Owyn Pajama Pants (Not yet blogged)

14 1/2 yards sounds like a pretty good number to me!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with that number! 


9 3/4 yards - January 
15 7/8 yards - February
14 7/8 yards - March
2 yards - April
7 5/8 yards - May
14 1/2 yards - June...


64 5/8 yardsssssssssss of fabric sewn*!!!!

*So far this year

Wow!! I'm extremely happy with that number!

It's July 1st and I have so much planned to sew and share with you all!!
Happy Fri-YAY!! ;)
-'- Jewel

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