Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thrift Store Scores ~ Buttons

These buttons are some kind of metal. Wow, genius right? Okay, I actually don't know anything about the buttons... I do have a pattern in mind to use them on! :)

Update: Thanks to my sister Samantha, I now know the buttons are called "Golf King's Royal Crest Buttons". I don't know how she figured it out! But she did. 
If anything, for fifty cents they'll look great in my button holder.

Update: She also found, you can order them at C&C Metal Products 10 for $35!! ...I really found a score and didn't even know it! 
According to C&C's website the design is a royal crest. The crest has a kings crown, a golf bag, a flower and two teed balls. Do you see that X in the middle?  That's actually two golf clubs! I had no idea!

-'- Jewel

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