Saturday, December 13, 2014

House Skirt

Earlier this year my Grandma Janet gave me bag of fabric.

I was immediately drawn to this house fabric knowing it would make a cute skirt. There was just one problem; it was a scrap. I didn't think there was enough for a skirt...or so I thought.

I was talking with Mom, while going through my patterns and she suggested that I try using Skirt A of McCall's M6438.

As you can see, there was enough and I love it!

This skirt is my second finished clothing article, my first zipper and my first hook and eye!
Of course, the "firsts" didn't come without sacrifice. For one, I had to take the hook completely out because... I... uh... sewed it in backward. :-l And the zipper, I'm too embarrassed to tell you about... We live and learn, people. ;)

Sending a shout out to Samantha who let me borrow her backyard over Thanksgiving break!
-'- Jewel

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