Monday, October 21, 2013

Office Chair Refashion

While we were visiting Samantha & Edwin a while back we had the opportunity re-upholster the office chair, it looks so much better!
Think about what the poor chair is thinking: "They paid $5 for me at a garage sale four years ago. I have lived through 2 moves with this owner...please, I just need a little boost!" ;)
 We didn't have any adhesive we had to used carpet tape!
Which worked pretty well, the reason we weren't able to go and get any is this was the last day we were going to be there and had to hurry a little. :(

Would you believe that this is the same chair!
And as Paco in "Herbie Goes Bananas" says "Lookin' good ocho!" (One of my favorite movies)
Until next time!
-'- Jewel


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