Friday, October 18, 2013

An Unexpected Masked Visitor

Sunday evening Mom, Dad and I were out on a walk, on the way back home we noticed something crossing the road farther down. I tried to keep an eye on it to see what it was but lost sight of it in some longer grass.  Running down the fence line that's where I spotted it again!
A Raccoon! Dad came over a little while after and I asked him to keep an eye on it, so I could run to the house and grab my camera...
The result? Closest I have ever been to a raccoon, closest I ever want to be to a raccoon and some pretty cool shots!
Something must have been wrong with it's hind legs, because the raccoon only walked with it's front legs and stopped and rested a lot. This is probably the reason we were able to follow it.
 After this shot I climbed into the cow lot and tried to get some other ones. But I lost him after a little hill, I decided to go back to the house and look at the photos I had gotten so far. That's when the cats started making a lot of noise on the fence so I thought I would get a few of them...What's the difference right?
 When I went to up get another angle of A.J. through the branches I saw the raccoon! That is the moment I took (in my opinion) the best shot of the night!
What do you think?
-'- Jewel


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  2. Yeah, it had probably broken its legs... usually when a coon is trying to run from you there's no catching it! One time when I was camping I was sitting out by the fire after everybody had gone to bed and after awhile coons started walking up to the fire every so often. (It was pretty cool... I could see their green eyes shining from an awfully long ways away!) When they would get close I would jump up and scare the living daylights out of them... and they took off like bats out of hell. :D


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