Friday, June 20, 2014

Caty and an ATV

I texted my cousin Caty last week asking if I could try out this crazy photo idea I had. She said yes! (She says yes to a lot of my crazy ideas...Awesome right? :)) 
The idea was a nighttime photo shoot with a light source and she was to be my model.
 I wanted to use the mower because you can shoot the lights anywhere, unfortunately I couldn't get it started and the next best thing was the ATV. We ended up parking the ATV on a hill to get the lights where they needed to be.

[Those eyelashes!]
Caty is so much fun to photograph! I am thankful that she helped me grow in this area of photography. It was quite challenging; having the light come from one spot and not covering the entire area. Boy! Does the sun spoil us or what! 

I'm sure summer is as crazy for you as it is for me!
-'- Jewel

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