Saturday, February 6, 2016

Seasonal Sew Wardrobe - Spring 16 {AccompList}

Over on the Sew-A-Long group we are doing something a little different. Along with our monthly sew-a-longs, we are also doing a four month sew-a-long.

We are making a wardrobe of eight coordinating pieces and the wardrobe is also going to have a theme. 

My theme is "Out & About".

My wardrobe is based in the nineteen-sixties. The stash is over flowing with prints so I felt like this would be the easiest way to incorporate as many as I can.
(I also have a crazy idea of doing a fashion video to go with...but I'm going to leave it at that... ;))

I'm going to be sewing a dress, two blouses, a pair of pants, one basic tee and one more item.
...Right now, I'm leaning towards a bag or a pill box hat! (The hat possibilty much to my aunt's dismay... Lol)

 The first project is the dress.

The pattern is Simplicity 1101 and the fabric has such a fun print and I have some ideas about different pattern placing! (Which I can't wait to try!!)

One of the blouses is Simplicity 1364 Version A! I made one of these blouses last year but didn't have enough for sleeves so it'll be fun to see what it looks like with them!

I was going to have the skirt be the pencil skirt of Simplicity 2154 but after more thinking. I would never wear it. Why? Because...I don't wear pencil skirts. Like EVER.

Now I'm planning maybe the Brooklyn Skirt by Seamwork Magazine or to scour my patterns from my Grandma's and see if they have one that's more my style while still staying in my groove. ;)

No matter the style this shirt will go well with the skirt. 
I was thinking about using a different pattern for this fabric but there is just enough fabric for version B and no where near enough for the other pattern I was thinking about. (So much for the sleeves again ;))

Next we come to one of the harder projects. (Not that the skirt is going to be incredibly easy.
This fabric has some sheerness to it and I'm going to try a new technique called underlining. 
To underline you cut out your lining and then hand baste the lining fabric pattern piece to the fabric and then the two pieces act as one! (Read more HERE)

I was trying to decide on another top when out of the blue I thought "Why not a basic white tee??" Which is so true I have so much color and prints going on in this collection that a basic would be awesome! And totally understandable since my mini wardrobe is quite out of the ordinary! Haha

Last but not least...the big project! 

The Jacket!!

Simplicity 2154; Version C. This is the only project that I had to buy the main fabric for. (The pants and skirt I need to buy lining fabric.) I found this perfect colored fabric at Jo-Anns and it was on sale!! (:D) I talked it over with the fabric lady and she confirmed my thought that it'd work well.
I'm probably the most nervous about this project and the most excited!! :)

I'm waiting to decide on the eighth item until later just to give some room to be creative. Right now, it might be The Malibu Satchel or a Pill Box Hat or I might want to sew another blouse, skirt, dress or jacket! Like I said, the eighth item isn't in stone yet. So if you have any ideas send them my way!

I can't wait to get started on the tests and just the entire wardrobe! ...of course, I can't let myself start on any of them until I finish some of the other projects on my sewing table for my sanity. ;)

Happy Sewing!!
-'- Jewel

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Stashbusting Overview

I cannot not believe that it is the END of January already! 
The month flew by!! 
Even though it technically didn't go any faster than any other's time to add up the totals of fabric used and see how the month went!

Tiffany's 1960's Shift Dress                                     - 2 3/4 yards

A 1940's Button-Up                                                 - 2 yards.

Button-Up Tests Shirts                                            - 5 yards

Zipper Pouch (Left)                                                   - Scraps

Total of 9 3/4 yards!! Good start to the year I'd say! :)

I did buy 3 yards of fabric for a specific purpose and it is going to help me stash-bust a lot more!

Subtract that from the total and I have 93 1/4 yards to make my goal!!
Happy Sewing
-'- Jewel

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This & That: Button-Up Update

/ Vintage McCall Pattern Company Pattern 5572 • The Shirtmaking Workbook by David Page Coffin • Seamwork Annual by Colette Patterns  \

This past week I've been researching and figuring out what type of sleeves to do on my button-up. 
My original shirt didn't have sleeves (meaning I couldn't copy them) but I want this one to be a true button-up with a collar and cuffs. So sleeveless is out of the question. 

Today, I found this pattern and decided I'll use it as the starting point for the sleeves and maybe even the cuffs!! (Version B) Excited to start working on them!!

-'- Jewel

Friday, January 22, 2016

1940's Button Up {Simplicity 0229/1590}

I made another blouse for work! 
It's Simplicity 1590 in the polka-dotted cotton I bought last May at Hobby Lobby in Texas. 

The buttons were found at the B & B and are almost a perfect color match! Awesome!! 
Especially, since they cost me a dollar for 24 buttons!

 I seem to be on the ropes about the pattern. It's like...I'm not sure if I like it or not. I just can't decide!

Either way it's be great for work!
-'- Jewel

Get more technical details with my review on Pattern Review! CLICK HERE TO READ

Fabric used on this project: 2 yards (1.8288m)
Fabric used since January 1st, 2016: 4 3/4 yards (4.3434m)
See my 2016 stashbusting pledge HERE

Monday, January 4, 2016

Tiffany's 1960's Shift Dress {Simplicity 1609}

I'm happy to say that one of my projects for my 2016 Make Nine and also the Pattern Review - Pattern Stash Contest is finished! 

I made Tiffany a shift dress using Simplicity 1609 that is a 1960's Jiffy pattern reprint. I think I bought the pattern in early 2014...either way it was one of my first pattern shopping sprees.

The fabric is from the stash and sadly there is still some left. I was hoping that this dress would use it all up...but no. There is still a yard or so to be used up - when I figure out what to make using music note fabric! lol

I omitted the buttons that version A had and also added some tucks to the back for a better fit.
Next time, I'm going to follow my gut and cut the front on the fold. I feel like the center front seam takes away from the dress.

Overall; I'm happy with the result and Tiffany likes it which is the goal.
-'- Jewel

Fabric used on this project: 2 3/4 yards (2.5146m)
Fabric used since January 1st, 2016: 2 3/4 yards (2.5146m)
See my 2016 stashbusting pledge HERE
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