Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mid-Century Sheets into Simplicity 1099 Skirt

What most people think when they see a set of sheets at a thrift store "Eww! Who in the world would buy used sheets??"

What Kimberly and I think "Hmmm. That's a nice print I wonder if there is enough fabric to make a skirt out of?"

That's exactly what we thought, when we found this mid-century full size sheet set at our favorite thrift store. We looked at each other and I put them in the basket.

The pattern Kimberly chose (Simplicity 1099) called for 7 5/8th yards of fabric and we got it out of $1 sheet set! If that's not a Thrift Store Score I don't know what is! Haha

Sewing this skirt has shown me something about my sewing preferences. Because of our long hair I prefer using buttons instead of hook and loops for the waistband closure. I've actually started making notes on different patterns to make the waistband longer to make space for a button and buttonhole.

Shhhh...Changes were made from the pattern
- Used a button instead of hooks and loops for the waistband closure.
- Cut two inches off of the length (Still included the 5' hem)
- Self-drafted a lining! My first time doing one and it worked! :)

 From the stash: 

- Full size sheet set for skirt fabric (Bought last month)
- 2 yards White Knit for lining (Gifted from my Grandmother's stash, last month)
- Button (Gifted from my Grandmother's stash, last month)
- Thread

Happy Saturday!
-'- Jewel

Fabric busted on this project: 9 7/8 yards (9.0297 m)
Fabric busted since March 1st, 2015: 47 5/8 yards. (43.5483 m)
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mom & Her Tomatoes {Simplicity 1106}

This blouse was a quick sew! Sewed it up in one afternoon! It's also the first thing I've made for Mom.

Mom and TaMera thought that Tomatoes from our garden would be a good prop and I have to agree!

Simplicity 1106 is relatively easy and has a nice feature of a cut out in the mid back.
The only problem I have with the pattern is since it's quite square the shirt comes out pretty big. It might be best to size down.

From the stash:

- 1 yard Blue Floral Cotton Fabric
- 1 yard Cream Cotton Fabric
- Interfacing
- Thread

I'll be sharing Kimberly's Thrifted Mid-Century Sheet Skirt on Saturday!
Talk to you then,
-'- Jewel

Photography: TaMera

Fabric busted on this project: 2 yards (1.8288 m)
Fabric busted since March 1st, 2015: 37 3/4 yards. (34.5186 m)
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Garage Sale Score - Frigidaire Mini-Fridge

Caty and I had told TaMera and Emme that they could head on back down the hill to the car as we had stopped at all the garage sales. 

They scampered away as Caty and I took it slow discussing the finds we had found on the hill.

As we passed a garage sale we had already stopped at; I noticed this fridge sitting on the edge of the driveway. I had overlooked it before.

After closer examination, I decided to take it because it was marked "FREE!!" Next to a note stating that the fridge did not work.  My Dad is a mechanic and it's amazing what he can fix! 

I wish I could describe the faces of Emme and TaMera when we crested the hill and I was carrying a refrigerator! 
They were priceless!

I brought it home, showed Dad and asked him to look at it when he had time.
I walked by later and heard it running.
"Wow, Dad what'd you do?" I asked as I stuck my hand in and felt the cool air inside.
His response..."I just plugged it in!"

And that's the story of how I got my free mini-fridge! :)
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Garage Sale Scores - I Can Read Book: The Case of the Cat's Meow

 Wow! I can't believe there are only two more Tuesday's left of August and Garage Sale Scores!

 Today's Garage Sale Score is a children's book I read as a little one.

It's a comical mystery story built around a cat.

The characters (above, from left to right) are Wizard, Skinny, Tubby, & Snitch.
In our family, books and movies with magical references weren't encouraged so Wizard was changed to Wally. Snitch was considered a rude term so his name was changed to Scott.  However, my parents apparently saw nothing wrong with Tubby & Skinny because their names were left the same!

I don't want to say anymore and risk giving the story away, but this book makes a strong "case" to enjoy for years to come.

Have a happy day!
-'- Jewel
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