Friday, July 31, 2015

Carrots // Fresh Food Friday

Wednesday, we picked our row of carrots from the garden. There wasn't as many as I had hoped but that's the way it is with gardening. Sometimes it grows and sometimes it doesn't. :)

But when it does the results are delicious!
-'- Jewel 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Garage Sale Scores // Orange Glasses

These glasses I found at a 50¢ garage sale. They were supposed to be 50¢ each but the lady gave them all to me for three dollars! Saving me 50¢! :)

My favorite color is orange so when I saw these orange flowered glasses I feel in love with them! Since they were in my price range, I didn't hesitate to buy them! :)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

You're better off twirling with the whirlwind...

Life has been a whirlwind, lately!

Actually, life always seems to be crazy busy over here at home! We have some super exciting things going

We are totally revamping our bedroom/sewing area! 


As we shared in The Sewing & Knitting Area post, the sewing area is a desk in our bedroom. Well...the desk isn't working anymore. Time for an intervention! 

Our room is hard to explain. It's not a bedroom in the traditional sense. 
We live in a little house, our room is in the basement and it's long and narrow. (Hard to work with in itself.) Then put in three girls, a sewing desk, closets and etc. Yep. It's going to be challenge. :)

Saturday, Kimberly and I went pattern shopping at the $1.99 sale. (Yes, I know...I said I was going to stay away from those. ...I lied. ;) We bought this frock pattern for TaMera. 
Of course, the first thing she said when she saw it was "Oh, you bought it for me because of the yarn in the picture, right?" haha Well, it is one of the reasons. lol
Kimberly and TaMera have picked out coordinating fabric for two frocks out of the stash!! Yay! I love stashbusting projects!

Now I just need to get caught up on my sewing!

Currently, at the sewing machine is a dress for our cousin Emme. 
After I'm done with her dress, there's a dress I started in May. It needs buttonholes, buttons and the hem to be done. A quick project for my cousin-in-law comes next and then, I was hoping to sew up a pair of shorts for TaMera, but I may go straight to the frocks!

Just breathe Jewel, just breathe...
-'- Jewel

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oh. My. Word.

I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday when I saw this picture.

See here

I thought "Oh, that's cool." Until I had looked at the entire photo...then I freaked out!!!!

That's me, bottom row, second from right!! On a wall in NYC!  

The Red 'N' White Striped Dress was my seventh sewing project, fourth dress and my first time sewing with knit fabric. I think it's cool that my favorite dress was picked! What am I saying...this entire experience is COOL!!!

My week is made!
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Garage Sale Scores // Pfaltzgraff Creamer Pitcher

We stopped at a 50 cent garage sale. 
What a great and easy way to have a garage sale! Everything 50 cents except otherwise marked...of course. ;) 

As I was scanning through the sale I saw something...could it be? Yes!! It was a Pfaltzgraff piece!

This Pfaltzgraff creamer pitcher was my only find at the 50 cent garage sale but TaMera has a find she will be sharing with you next week! :)

-'- Jewel
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