Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thrift Store Score - Vintage Red Polka Dot Dress

"Exibit A. This is the logo of a fantabulous blog called Jewberly Emiris."

When I saw this dress on the hanger I didn't like it.

After I brought it home and tried it on...that all changed!

The dress is so comfortable!

It fit's like a glove!
(okay....tangent alert. 
Why do we say fit's like a glove? Because I tried a pair of gloves on the other day at Salvation Army Thrift and they wouldn't even had fit in my dreams!!!
anyways...*radio announcer voice* Back to the regular scheduled program.)

The dress is from "Oops California."
haha Maybe, the best name ever! ;)

$3.50 well spent!

Thanks for reading!
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thrift Store Score - Food Scale

This scale is another sack sale find! It was marked a dollar but I got it for five cents. :)

Being a diabetic there are plenty of times where I need to weigh my food to know how many carbs are in it for proper counting. But I don't really make a habit of it...why? Because I don't have a scale. Oh' wait. "Didn't" have a scale! This guy is going to be put to work! :)

It's great that it doesn't need batteries or an outlet!

Happy thrifting Tuesday!
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thrift Store Score - Vintage Coffee Cup

I must like brown kitchen supplies because I could leave this coffee mug at GoodWill! 

I have this Pinterest dream of a coffee cup wall. You know the ones where all the cups match but, at the same time, don't and it ends up looking really artsy. 

...Mine will probably end up looking like I ran out of room in my cupboards and decided to awkwardly hang them on the wall instead. But...hey. ;)

As you can see, it was made in Japan and is in pretty good condition. :)

Until next time!
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thrift Store Score - Pfaltzgraff Village Design Finds

I have a set of  Pfaltzgraff in the 1970s village design. I am continuing to expand it through thrifting and gifts from my family. 

I struck gold. Or rather my sister told me where I could strike gold a while back.

Tiffany was at Goodwill where there was some Pfaltzgraff and she told me about it.

Here's the few pieces I picked up:

This is a 2 quart mixing bowl.
It is microwave and oven safe. Think about it...You make goulash, bake it in the oven, put the leftovers in the fridge and then microwave it the next day! I mean this is a one stop shop kind of bowl!!
At $3.99 I couldn't leave this gift to the modern kitchen there. ;)

Next up is this thing… I call it a crock. I don't know if "crock" is the official title but that is what I am going to call it. 
On one of the sides of the lid it has a opening for your spoon handle to go through. Which, is pretty cool because you can keep the lid on and still have your spoon in the crock.

I imagine these... at Thanksgiving. Holding the steamy vegetables on either side of the big turkey sitting in the middle of the table as he is looking all stately. 

Okay, like I said...that's what I imagine with these. ;)
It probably won't happen because our family has the turkey carved before it's put in the serving line. Saves a lot of time when you have a big extended family like we do! :) 

But I can see these pans/dishes having limitless possibilitys!

Hope you enjoyed my latest Pfaltzgraff finds for my collection.
(Click HERE to see all I have found...so far!)

-'- Jewel

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thrift Store Score - Susan Bates Double Pointed Needles

Hey, everybody it's time to share another knitting score I found!

I found these needles at Jewel and I's favorite thrift store!

As you can see, they are lavender. It's fun to have such a sweet color of needles.

They came in the original package, but I don't know if they are brand new or if they were just stored in the case. I know they are vintage because they came in a package like that and there are only four.

Signing off!
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